Dubbo Christian Family Church Dubbo Christian Family Church

Meeting 10:30 am every Sunday at 35 Edwin St, Dubbo

“We preach Christ, warning every man,
and teaching every man ... that we may
present every man perfect in Christ Jesus.”

Colossians 1:28


You are welcome to listen to these sermons from our Sunday Worship Services.

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DateSubject … [click to LISTEN NOW]Bible Text SpeakerDuration    
10 SepFaithMatthew 20: 29-34David Cox41 mins
3 SepKingdom GloryMatthew 20:17-28David Cox49 mins
27 AugFreedom of the WillMatthew 19: 27-20: 16David Cox40 mins
20 AugAlmostMatthew 19: 13-20David Cox41 mins
13 AugRemembering MarriageMatthew19 : 1-12Davbid Cox41 mins
8 AugForgivenessMatthew 18:21-35David Cox41 mins
7 AugThe Old Testament SabbathEx.20:8-11; Deut.5:12-15Peter Barnes40 mins
7 AugJesus and the SabbathJohn 5:16-18; John 20:1,19,26Peter Barnes40 mins
5 AugSabbath Day and Lord's Day Outside The GospelsRev. 10Peter Barnes40 mins
5 AugThere Remains a Sabbath RestHebrews 4:3-4Peter Barnes41 mins
30 JulWhen Offence ComesMatthew 18:15-20David Cox41 mins
23 JulThe Wings of ChristMatthew 18: 5-14David Cox34 mins
16 JulHumilityMatthew 17:22-18: 4David Cox41 mins
9 JulThe Impotent MinistryMatthew17: 14-21David Cox32 mins
2 JulGreat Is Thy FaithfulnessLamentations 3:1-31Mark Naden23 mins
25 JunThe TransfigurationMatthew 17: 1-13David Cox42 mins
18 JunThe High Cost of DiscipleshipMatthew 16: 21-38David Cox36 mins
11 JunWho Do You Say That I Am?Matthew 16: 1-20David Cox37 mins
4 JunFaithMatthew 15: 21-39David Cox42 mins
28 MayOur Glorious Position as ChristiansPhillipippians1:1-2Timothy Bartimote47 mins
21 MayLet Them AloneMatthew 15: 10-20David Cox33 mins
14 MayA Reconciliation That Works2 Cor. 5: 17-21Neville Naden25 mins
7 MayDefilementMatthew 15: 10-20David Cox36 mins
30 AprTraditionsMatthew 15:1-9David Cox42 mins
23 AprGod is Holy Therefore Worship Him as He CommandsLeviticus 10:1-3Timothy Bartimote39 mins
9 AprEasterHebrews 9: 1-5David Cox45 mins
2 AprThe Heart Of Our LordMatthew 14:13-36David Cox41 mins
19 MarWhat Lies AheadDaniel 7: 9 - 28Mark Naden29 mins
12 MarLet The Word of Christ Dwell in You RichlyColossians 3:16Martin Leech40 mins
11 MarSpend and Spent3 JohnMartin Leech42 mins
11 MarMission On a Shoe StringRomans 15:30-33Martin Leech44 mins
5 MarNo Fear of GodMatthew 14: 1-12David Cox26 mins
26 FebWhen God SpeaksMatthew 13:53-58David Cox33 mins
19 FebIt Will be Worth it AllMatthew 13: 44-52David Cox40 mins
12 FebThe Looming DayMatthew 13: 24-43David Cox38 mins
5 FebOur Greatest LossMatthew 13: 1-23David Cox39 mins
29 JanBenedictions - Getting InspirationRevelation 1:5-6David Cox37 mins
22 JanBenedictions - Back To Basics2 Corinthians 13: 14David Cox38 mins
15 JanBenedictions - An Untapped ResourceEphesians 3: 20-21David Cox42 mins
8 JanBenedictions - Our Worthy GodJude 1: 24-25David Cox31 mins
1 JanBenedictionsNum.6: 22-27David Cox30 mins

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